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Plagiarism Checker: Ensure Your Essay Is Original

Check your piece of writing for uniqueness in a quick and convenient way. We have developed a sophisticated plagiarism-detecting instrument that recognizes copied materials from multiple sources. Just in a few seconds, you will find out if your essay has any unoriginal parts. Once the check is completed, you get a detailed report that highlights all the parts that require your attention. Additionally, the tool will provide you with a list of links that lead to the primary sources. Therefore, you will find out which parts of the material require proper citing.

Here is an instruction on how to use this tool:

  • Paste your text to the required field
  • Press the Check button
  • Wait for a few moments
  • Get a plagiarism report
  • Review the highlighted parts of a text and rewrite or cite them correctly

The report will provide you with the percentage of plagiarism found in your piece of writing and highlight the matching parts. As you can see, our tool can provide you with detailed feedback on your essay, so you will be fully aware of which parts of it require correction. No more issues with plagiarism — our advanced tool will help you produce and submit 100% original papers exclusively!

What is more, the number of plagiarism checks is unlimited on our website, meaning that you can recheck your paper after making any edits. You will hardly find another precise and straightforward way to ensure the originality of your essay. Our simple and convenient software is the best since we have worked hard to meet all the students’ requirements!