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Keep reading to learn more about our Cookies Policy.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are a particular kind of files stored on the user’s computer to gather information about his/her preferences and visits. When a customer visits our website, they are sent from our server to his/her computer.

How We Use Cookies

Some cookies are associated with your account and private data to remember that you are logged in and the type of services you use. Other cookies are not tied to your account but are unique and provide us with an opportunity to carry out analytics and customization.

Cookies can be used to recognize a customer when he or she visits this website or uses our services, remember customer’s preferences, and provide him with a personalized experience that is consistent with his/her settings. For example, cookies help the user stay logged in and save information about his/her interactions. Additionally, these files make interactions faster and safer.

A user automatically agrees that our company can use cookies when he or she visits this website. This applies to reading cookies and other settings of the user’s device. The customer can disable cookies whenever he/she wants, but he/she should keep in mind that these files are vital for every web page to function correctly. Therefore, our service cannot guarantee the proper work of this website if the user prefers to disable cookies on his/her computer.

What Cookies We Use

We use the persistent type of cookies and save them to remember the user’s preferences. These files are used between sessions. Also, we use session cookies that allow us to gather temporary data about the client’s experience. They are deleted from the user’s device each time he/she closes the website. They provide us with an opportunity to guarantee the safety of financial transactions. They also are vital for online communication.

Categories of Use Description
Authentication If a user is logged in to the website, cookies allow the service to show him/her the proper information and personalize his/her experience.
Security Cookies help us maintain our safety features, and allow us to detect malicious activity.
Preferences, features, and services Cookies help us show information in the customer’s preferred language and know more about his/her communications preferences. They can help the user to fill out forms on the website easier.
Marketing Cookies help us in delivering marketing campaigns and tracking their performance.
Performance, Analytics, and Research Cookies help us learn whether our website is convenient for users. Also, we use cookies to understand, improve, and examine products, features, and services, including to create logs and record every time a user accesses the website from various devices.

Therefore, we use cookies with the following goals:

  • providing round-the-clock service and online support;
  • helping the customers stay logged in;
  • tracking the customer’s activity with the help of Google Analytics.

How We Use Cookies for Advertising

Cookies, along with other technologies like beacons, tags, and pixels, help our company market more efficiently to users that ur partners and we are sure may need our services. Besides, cookies help provide us with aggregated auditing, research, statistics, and reporting, and know when the necessary content has been shown to the client.

How to Manage Cookies

Every user has the ability to block or delete cookies whenever he/she wants it. However, we cannot guarantee the correct work of this website if the client decides to disable cookies.

Since we need to know how different clients interact with our website’s interface, we work with Google Analytics. Cookies record details about customer’s activity on the website and then send this data to Google. Due to this approach, we can calculate statistical data and improve our service and interaction with users.